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Inspection / Reverse Engineering


XYZ RGB's auto-synchronise 3D laser scanner was developed by Hymarc Technologies and the NRC (National Research Council of Canada). It is considered the GOLD standard by which all 3D inspection systems are measured to this day.


Our Laser Scanner boasts a 7 µm accuracy (with 3-Sigma precision) at a true 100 µm optical scan resolution. The 3D laser scanner is further mounted to a Scirocco DEA CMM using an optical vernier calibration that ensures a 1.6 µm positional (XYZ) error over the full field of travel. The resulting 3D data is superior high fidelity 3D data for the most demanding applications including: mold making, reverse engineering and other industrial applications.


3D scan data from production parts may be compared to their original CAD designs, ensuring that critical tolerances and quality standards are met. When adequate design documentation is unavailable, entire parts may be directly reverse engineered from our 3D scan data.

Real World Materials


XYZ RGB's reptile DVD gives digital sculptors real world swatches to add hyper real details easily carrying the works into memorable life like models. Taken from 100 µm scan data captured using some of the most advanced imaging technology in the world, we promise that no other texture library can offer the fidelity and integrity that these maps can.

Inanimate Objects


At XYZ RGB we’re not locked to any single 3D scanning technology, manufacturer or specific line of scanner related products. In fact we employ the best commercial and proprietary 3D scanning systems the world has to offer. Marrying the correct scanning solution with an object’s physical characteristics, material properties and subsequent deliverables is 50% of the know-how.


So whether you need fingerprint detail, or just general overall volumetric measurements, we've got the right solution to meet your budget and time frame needs.



Thanks to the cast and crew for allowing us to contribute to their magical journey

Live 3D Body Scanning 


XYZ RGB is the pioneer behind instantaneous full body 3D scanning using photogrammetric principals.


By pre-calibrating our 12 or 24-Camera DSLR array's our system boasts: fewer cameras, true 3D scale, higher intrinsic accuracies, true pixel-to-point registration and allows for the scanning of dynamic postures that simply aren't attainable through other scanning solutions. Our full body scanners are fully portable setups that may be configured onsite in only a few hours and operated by a single technician.


Our custom Full Body 3D Scanners are often immitated, but never duplicated.



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