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Scanner Killer is no longer available to the general public



Scannerkiller Core is a suite of photogrammetry tools for the calibration and processing of stereo-paired photographs into accurate 3D data.


At the heart of SK Core is an advanced stereo-matching algorithm that computes depth through stereo correspondences and outputs 3D data in standard polygonal format with CPV- Color Per Vertex (.ply) and/or UV texture maps (.obj). The SK Graphical User Interface (GUI) is designed to simplify the 3D extraction process. Sliders allow you to define various 3D extraction parameters, remove occluded areas, set falloff angles and choose your favorite 3D output file types. Virtually any digital cameras may be used and multiple stereo-pairs (Pods) can be set up for increased coverage. Scannerkiller Core is ideally suited to scan both live and static objects of varying size and complexity in either active or passive modes.


With its high megapixel image processing capability, simplified user interface and auto masking features, Scannerkiller Core is an excellent tool for your fundamental 3D scanning needs and a great choice for those who are looking for an affordable 3D scanning experience.






High Quality Auto Masking

Easily isolate subject from background. Create custom masks from all of your 2D images.

2 Camera Passive Stereo

Reconstruct scale accurate 3D Data from 2D photos.Derive 3D depth correspondences from color contrast found within your photographs.

Advanced Stereo Matching Algorithm

Three easy steps to acquiring scale accurate 3D data from raw photographs: Calibrate, Photograph, and Extract.


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Scannerkiller Core




Scannerkiller Pro is our most advanced suite of photogrammetry tools. It contains a variety of 3D scanning features designed to provide clients with full control over the entire 3D extraction process without restriction and without limitation.


The range of features Scannerkiller Pro offers includes high megapixel image processing and 3D outputs in the millions of polygons, a unique 3-Camera capability for simultaneously processing active and passive stereo imagery, 4D batch processing, added support for processing lossless 2D imagery, multi-core processing, full multi pod support and projector control for active image capture.


Scannerkiller Pro is the standard and pioneering technology behind instantaneous 360 degree full 3D body scanning. Installations of SK Pro form the backbone of the world’s top scanning facilities, 3D printing houses, Hollywood production companies, VFX and next generation gaming studios. When superior visualization, quality and accurate 3D data are required, SK Pro sets the standard.








Professional Photogrammetry Software

Pioneer 3D technology behind instantaneous 360 degree body scanning. Scannerkiller Pro offers unparalleled 3D data for high-end applications.

Advanced Stereo Matching Algorithm

Three easy steps to acquiring scale accurate 3D data from raw photographs: Calibrate, Photograph, and Extract.

Subpixel Stereo Calibration

An advanced pattern matching algorithm derives 3D depth correspondences from naturally occurring color contrast found within your photographs.

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 Scannerkiller Pro

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The Non-Rigid Alignment (NRA) software is a set of tools for post processing scanned 3D data. The primary tools within NRA comprise the fundamental stages of alignment, merging, editing, auto parameterization and texture blending for re-projection onto 3D scan data.


In addition to performing standard rigid alignments, NRA offers a unique and powerful Non-Rigid Alignment capability that corrects for motion and movement between overlapping scan data. This motion and/or movement is typically associated with older body scanning technologies where changes in posture can occur between subsequent overlapping scans.


In fact, NRA will compensate for any discontinuities between overlapping scan data caused from a variety of factors, including: poor data, distortion, motion, or movement.









Scannerkiller Help Videos


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Scannerkiller NRA

Getting Started Tutorial

Learn to get started using the Scannerkiller Core software.

Introduction to Calibration

Get started scanning with this brief introduction to calibration.

Scannerkiller Image Gallery


Apollo Scan
Apollo Scan
Facial Scan
Facial Scan
Mask Scan
Mask Scan
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